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General Counselling Service


You maybe an individual who is currently going through a difficult period in your life and would like somebody to talk to in confidence. Patricia Tuckwell Counselling service can offer emotional support, help you become self aware and make sense of your feelings, fears, personal issues or problems you are facing.

As a counsellor I will encourage you to explore issues that affect your quality of life, help in developing your self confidence to help yourself thus improving your emotional wellbeing.

Counselling Service for Health issues:




As a Carer you can be faced with challenges taking care of a loved one.

At times it can cause anger, frustration, resentment and distress.  You may also feel very isolated.

Living through such difficult and distressing times you can sometimes experience painful feelings and emotions that you may not understand.


When caring for a loved one these stressors can make one feel overwhelmed and damage our relationships thus making it difficult to cope and sometimes communicate.

If you are currently overwhelmed as a carer or any of the above my counselling service is here to help.

People with Long Term Health Conditions


Developing a long term health condition can be a life changing event for both you and your family.


People with long term illnesses experience emotional changes and may wish to access counselling for the following reasons:


  • You may experience difficulty with some situations and unable to cope. 
  • You feel angry or frustrated at your situation and experience difficulty in adjusting to the changes in your life and accepting what has happened to you. Therefore feeling uncertain about your future.
  • You are struggling with your personal relationships and experience social withdrawal.
  • You are finding it difficult to cope in daily life and may experience death anxiety.
  • You may have lost interest in life and experience hopelessness or worthlessness.
  • You may experience guilt, shame and embarrassment about your long term condition.
  • You feel angry, tearful, lonely or depressed or feel anxious about your situation.
  • You feel fatigue or out of control and want to gain some control of your life again.

If any of the above resonate with you and are prepared to make some important changes but need help in doing so my counsellling service is here to listen.


Fee Structure


How much does a session cost?


Counselling Session rate is £55 (day) - £60 (evening), per 50 minutes.

Initial session involves an Assessment and discussion about your presenting issues. If at the end of the initial session we decide to work together, we will agree to a regular day and time to meet on a weekly basis.



PT 4 Counselling

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