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Welcome to Patricia Tuckwell Counselling

Covid-19 Update
I am continuing to offer online and telephone counselling during the current Covid-19 and social distancing restrictions.
If the Coronavirus Pandemic is having an impact on your mental health and you need emotional support (e.g. Furlough, NHS care working, anxiety or depression), you can contact me to arrange a session.

'It is the relationship that heals...' Irvin Yalom


Are you unable to move forward in your life or facing difficult challenges or issues?


Patricia Tuckwell Counselling can help, offering professional counselling in Twickenham and surrounding areas.


I am a BACP Registered Counsellor offering a General Counselling service to those who are in need of emotional support when experiencing difficult periods or events in their lives.


In my practice I have successfully supported and worked with people facing a range of issues and challanges in their lives. and student trainee counsellors required to have personal therpay for their course. They include the following:


  • Coping with Depression, Anxiety,
  • General Counselling 
  • Coping with health conditions
  • Cancer Counselling
  • Counselling support for Carers
  • Dealing with Bereavement, Loss and Grief, Attachment work
  • Improving Self Esteem issues, Eating Disorders, Self Harm
  • Coping with Work Related Issues, Stress,  
  • Coping with Relationship issues (individually)
  • Personal Therapy for Student Trainee Counsellors


I offer face-to-face or In-Person counselling for adults and older people and video and telephone counselling on online platfoms for those who may be unable to leave their home due to their circumstances or carer responsibilities.


My counselling service can offer Long termShort term and Time limited therapy on a weekly basis, where you can talk about your difficulties or personal issues within a confidential, empathetic, non judgmental and safe space. 


My work is relational and as a counsellor I believe the therapeutic relationship is central to facilitating growth, change and empowerment.


The way in which I work is predominantly an Integrative approach where several distinct modes of counselling and psychotherapy are used together, and Person-Centered which is based on the idea that a client enters into a relationship with a counsellor where they can freely express their emotions and feelings.


What is Counselling or Therapy?


Counselling or Therapy is a process in which weekly exploration and sharing of thoughts feelings and behaviours with a trained counsellor can help us make new decisions and changes that enable us to move forward and live more fulfilling lives. It is a journey to growth, self - awareness and empowerment, enabling us to communicate more honestly and effectively in our lives. 

Counselling can be challenging and sometimes an uncomfortable experience initially but can become a rewarding experience.




PT 4 Counselling

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is based in Twickenham 


serving the following areas :


Twickenham, Richmond,

SW & West London

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